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steve rogers to the young avengers, sternly: “you’re too young to be superheroes, you could get hurt”


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I don’t really listen to Joy Division very much,” she says. “I would if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s my dad singing. Who wants to listen to their dad singing? It’s like watching your dad dance. It’s just dead embarrassing. Your dad’s never cool, is he?

- Natalie Curtis

Truth with a possible side of please-stop-asking-me-about-Joy-Division.

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To save my own life, I changed my body. Every single cell, but I’m still me.

You can’t be.

Then how can I remember this? The very first word I ever said to you. 

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I think sometimes of having a separate blog because I talk about writing all the time, but really this is my personal blog. It’s just a mess of everything and it sort of always has been. So I’m going to do that five-year-old thing where I apologize for poking you while repeatedly poking you and with no intention of stopping. 

It’s just what I think about 98% of the time.

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when you see a dog from across the street 


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In Battlestar Galactica, there are 20 episodes out of 74 that nobody dies in. So, basically, there is about a 72% chance someone is going to die.
This is my Unsurprised Face.  You can’t see it, but it’s there. (via briannaefraser)

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Here. I am so drunk and I don’t know how to make iPhone tumblr do read more’s. But here is my life, a writer’s life, intoxicated.

I read today. I made people sad on purpose,Joe, I must befriend, even talked to me about IAN CURTIS.

Men, write. Because writing is so pure and wonderful and I am so, so biased. Chase, who recently came out, is one of the most talented individuals I know. Everyone write. Writing is my blood. Life force. Cliche.

I know it’s in my interest to find an orthodontist. There is no money in what I do (except scholarships, apparently, but I would not talk about that sober so let’s move on.) but art is my world, how can I see outside it? It’s difficult enough to listen to my own sister rant about physics.

Shit. I’m drunk. My teams (Barca, Munich) won today and nothing is bad. This is never followed by more good. Parties kill me. I cried for two days straight after I threw one of my own. I’m worried.

Tomorrow will be fucking rough, but it’s two classes then done. Two. Done. Let’s set the Alarm. Let’s be okay. We’ll be okay. We might even be wonderful. let’s be fantastic, let’s shock the world. Let’s fall asleep to YouTube videos and shock ourselves by pure survival. Let’s fucking do it.

And delete everything in the morning.

Or maybe even just save it because it’s done and gone and record of experience of that night I felt like I was someone who could accomplish something and maybe, maybe, maybe not be alone.

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hey!! so it's nice to see someone in the world loves stabilo as much as i do. it's nice to see a blog a little active again! :)
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Yes, yes! I try to keep this going. There’s not much material to collect, but the goal is to collect it all here. (Or to make some of my own, which I haven’t done in a while.)

I’m going to use this response to make two announcements:

  • The first is that this blog actually has a submission page if anyone ever wants to do that. This is an open space to collect anything inspired or in honour of the music of Stabilo. We’re all friendly, accepting, Stabilo loving people. Don’t be afraid.
  • Second, I know a lot of what gets posted is Flawed Design related and I just wanted to, I don’t know, apologize? Variety is great. Everything this band has done deserves to be praised, but it’s the way of having a hit, and if I want to post any content, it has to be what is available. (More incentive to submit!)

I don’t know, I guess neither of those points were announcements, per say. Well, keep on loving Stabilo, friends! 

Ps. If anyone wants to ever make Stabilo art with a Stabilo pen, that would be the greatest thing to ever happen (overstatement?). If I ever see one in a store I’m totally doing that.

I think everyone should go listen to Stabilo, fall in love with Stabilo, and then follow my Stabilo page because goddamnit I spend so much of my time looking at pictures of highlighters for this band.

And rarely does “I run the only active Stabilo fan blog” impress boys, let me tell you.